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Your brand is the harvest of many things. Deeply rooted and always growing. That’s pretty special since it stems from a single idea. As a studio, we celebrate the big and small moments that led you to this place. Because it’s easy to forget everything you’ve poured into it. So before we can go any further, we have to dig a little deeper.
Our process starts by asking the right questions - why you started, what keeps you going, and who you want to reach. Think of it as your brand fingerprint. To us, it’s the compass shaping design rooted in authenticity. 

Paulina Aspe

meet the founder

Paulina is the Founder and Designer of Studio Ilumiina. Known for her contemporary design aesthetics and elevated, minimalist style, she approaches every project with a combination of strategic thinking and creative storytelling. After receiving her Bachelor of  Graphic Design in Central Saint Martins, Paulina began her design career by working in the UAE. During six years, she gained  experience working with advertising, interior design, wellness and hospitality clients. This is where her fascination for branding and design were cultivated and what led her to start her own creative studio in 2021. She now works with brands locally and internationally, integrating her passion for storytelling, art and design.

meaningful & memorable design

unravelling & visualizing stories

taking risks & trusting our instincts

brands with soul

timeless elegance & endless passion

We believe in

 studio ilumiina 2022

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